Available at YouTube - Danish EU-defense opt-out briefing

Published 23-05-2022

On Monday 23 May, The International Press Centre (IPC) hosted a breakfast briefing on the Danish EU-defense opt-out referendum and the defense situation in the Nordics.

Kristian Søby Kristensen and Christine Nissen

The briefing took place a little over a week before referendum day in Denmark (1 June), where the Danes have been asked to vote yes or no to whether Denmark can participate in European co-operation on security and defense by abolishing the Danish EU-defense opt-out.

Senior Researcher at Centre for Military Studies at University of Copenhagen, Kristian Søby Kristensen and Researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), Christine Nissen, provided an overview.

The briefing is now available at The IPC's YouTube channel: 

LINK - Breakfast Briefing on 23 May 2022


Peter Krause
S:Head of Office, IPC