Procedure for accreditation

Below, please find information about accreditation procedures.

Standard procedure for accreditation:

  • All applicants who register for a specific event using the registration form get their accreditation, provided that they have a valid press card or equivalent foreign documentation, and register within the deadline stated. 
  • The allocation of pool seats is handled by the Pool committee .
  • The Pool Committee do their best to allocate pool seats to everyone who register. But depending on the amount of registrants and pool seats, there is no guarantee.
  • The Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET), the Pool committee  and other relevant Danish authorities involved in the event, receives an overview of all accredited for access control to the press pools during the event.

Exception from standard procedure:

  • Exception from the standard procedure above can be made, if the event is considered to be of high security risk. In that case, The Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) may request to assess applications prior to approval for accreditation. When filling out the registration form all applicants give their consent to this.

For further information, please contact IPC at [email protected]