Office spaces for rent

At the IPC we rent out offices on long-term lease for correspondents based in Denmark.

Office spaces for rent

The IPC has 16 office spaces offered on long-term leases to journalists working for international media.

The categories are:
A Booth – an open-plan office room shared between 4 or 6 tenants
A Shared Office – an office room shared between 2 tenants
A Full Office – an office room used by 1 tenant

At the moment we have two office spaces (an office shared by two tenants and a desk/booth in an open office ) available for rent. For more information, please click here

If you would like to inquire about the available Shared Office or Booth register your interest in other rented office options, please e-mail us at [email protected] – or give us a call on +45 33 13 16 15.

At the IPC we like to ensure that journalists using our rented offices cover a broad range of countries and media. Therefore when considering requests to use our space, we will assess how potential journalists complement the group currently working here.