Press tour: Roskilde Festival 2023


Members of the IPC (International Press Centre) Network are invited to join a press tour on 27 June 2023 organised by Roskilde Festival/Roskilde Tours.

Roskilde Festival, Northern Europe’s largest gathering for young people, will once again open to approximately 130.000 guests and volunteers. It will be the 51st edition of the landmark cultural event. The Festival continues its efforts to provide hope and inspiration to today’s youth by implementing Utopia as the Festival theme for the next three years. This theme will also be reflected in our 2023 Press Tour on Tuesday 27 June, where we will offer the media a chance to go in-depth into a positive future:

Generation Z and the Climate Crisis

Roskilde Festival is part of a project to examine whether and how outdoor music festivals could contribute solutions to alleviate the climate crisis by creating climate-conscious communities and supporting behavioral changes among young people. Our goal is to contribute new, research-based knowledge about the potential for music festivals to promote connections between people and nature.

Food is Now

The ocean and water environment are complex and important ecosystems that we need to protect. You can experience food in completely new ways and learn more about the secrets and fantastic taste universe of the ocean through art, performances, workshops, talks, and innovative gastronomy - often mixed together!

Press Tour – Schedule – 27 June

09:00: Meeting time at the IPC, Skindergade 7, 1st Floor, Copenhagen (Mode of transportation to Roskilde Festival: To-be-decided)

10:30: The tour at the Roskilde Festival begins with an update on the festival, including its two new music stages

12:30: Lunch paid for by Roskilde Festival – The experiential venue Food Is Now lets you explore the potentials and possibilities of food through performances, cooking, and debates.

14:30: Generation Z and the Climate Crisis. How can a music festival contribute to the alleviation of the climate crisis?

15:30: End of the Press Tour

16:00: Return journey to IPC/central Copenhagen (Mode of transportation: To-be-decided) Registration Registration for this event closed on 23 June 2023.


Registration for this event closed on 23 June 2023.


Peter Krause
S:Head of Office, IPC