UPDATE – Baltic Sea Summit moved to Marienborg

Published 29-08-2022

The Baltic Sea Summit that was scheduled to take place at Bornholm on 30 August has been moved to Marienborg, the Prime Minister’s official residence.

All media that have been accredited for the event will be contacted by the IPC directly via e-mail.

All accredited media are requested to monitor the latest press programme via the Link below. 

The document contains key information about press meeting times, adresses, parking, etc.

LINK - Baltic Sea Summit Press Programme (updated 29 August)

Questions about the events?
For questions about the press events on 30 August, please contact the press team at The Danish Prime Minister’s Office, T: +45 29 10 88 25 (no text messages) or e-mail: [email protected]

Questions about the accreditation form?
For questions about the accreditation form, please contact Peter Krause at the IPC
(International Press Centre), E-mail: [email protected] , M: +45 20 70 69 70


Peter Krause
S:Head of Office, IPC