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07.10.2015: Debate "Taking the Temperature on the Arctic"

Invitation to seminar and debate ' Taking the Temperature on the Arctic' on October 7th from 2 pm – 5 pm at Nordic Council of Ministers, Ved Stranden 18, Copenhagen.

Moderator: Martin Breum, journalist

seminar with latest reports from researchers on the economy, society, living conditions and success stories in the new Arctic and response and debate with experts and policymakers.

2.00–2.15 pm Introduction by Dagfinn Høybråten, Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers

2.15–2.40 pm An Overview of the main results of Arctic Human Development Report and Arctic Social Indicators by Dr. Gail Fondahl (University of Northern British Columbia) and Dr. Joan Nymand Larsen (Stefansson Arctic Institute, Island)

2.40–3.00 pm Arctic Economic Systems by Dr. Lee Huskey (University of Alaska, Anchorage, USA)

3.00–3.20 pm Arctic Populations and Migration by Dr. Timothy Heleniak (Senior Research Fellow, Nordregio)

3.20–3.40 pm Communities and Adaptation by Rasmus Ole Rasmussen (Senior Research Fellow, Nordregio)

3.40–4.00 pm Coffee/tea break

4.00–5.00 pm Response and debate with policymakers: Marcus Knuth (MF, V), Aleqa Hammond (MF, SIU), Aaja Chemnitz Larsen (MF, IA), Sjúr ur Skaale (MF, JF) og Christian Juul (MF, Enhedslisten).

Participation in the seminar is free but there is a limited number of seats so please sign up here: