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Livia Foundation - press briefing at the IPC

The Livia Foundation invites Danish and international media to a press briefing with four organisations working to promote dialogue and solutions in conflict zones in South Sudan, Israel and Palestine. The press briefing takes place on connection with the event event called “Stories of Hope” in Copenhagen.
We hear about the increasing violence and war in the around the world, and escalating conflicts in Israel and Palestine and South Sudan- It seems to be impossible to change these bloody, tragic and almost imbearable conflicts.

But there are unique organisations and people who believe it is possible, people who with courage and risking their lives make tangible results.

The LIVIA Foundation has collected some of these organizations in Copenhagen for an event called Stories of Hope.

It will take place at Arbejdermuseet, Rømersgade 22, 1362 København K. on Monday the 28th  November 2016 from 1 PM to 7.30 PM.

Please find a programme attached.

Tuesday the 29.11 at 11:00 AM you can meet these selected organizations at the International Press Centre, Skindergade 7, 1159 Copenhagen.

Combatants for Peace (Palestine/Israel). Combatants for Peace is a group of Palestinians and Israelis who used to take an active part in the cycle of violence in the region. Now, they work together to create peace on the basis of non-violence principles. They primarily work at the street level in the two communities where they encourage people to take joint Israeli-Palestinian action against the violence. They believe that the conflict cannot be resolved on the basis of military means for both parties.. Two active peace activists in CFP from respectively Palestine and Israel will represent them at this event.

Machsom Watch, Israel. Consists of Israeli women who courageously and in a persistent nonviolent manner, draws attention to how Palestinians are discriminated against at border crossings and checkpoints. They attend and observe the army's behavior and its relationship to human rights, then disseminate these observations. Machsom Watch are women who guard the peaceful relations despite the deep conflict. A peace activist from Machsom Watch will represent them at this event.

Parents circle, Families Forum Palestinian / Israeli. The project is a collaboration of over 600 Palestinian and Israeli families who have all lost family members as a result of the long conflict between the two parties. Instead of resorting to violence and hatred in revenge for the loss of their family members, the families in this project instead choose to meet with "the enemy" and together fight to stop the cycle of violence. The two representatives are facilitators and counselors of their education and summer programs for youth.

William Ongoro (South Sudan) : William Ongoro has been supporting and bringing together civil society organizations, faith-based institutions, and other peace actors towards deepening engagement with the local communities, building solidarity across the ethnic divides, influencing policies that advocates the realization of national reconciliation, healing and peace in South Sudan through non-violent approaches of consolidating constructive dialogue, deep mediation and negotiations.

 For more details please contact vicechair of the LIVIA Foundation Kirstine Due on +45 60746231 or project manager Jane Bruslund on +45 40353149.