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European Elections briefing at the IPC in Copenhagen

Media briefing at the International Press Centre ahead of the European Elections in May

The European Elections area approaching. In the end of May, Denmark will be going to the ballots together with 26 other EU member states.
But how to cover the European Elections from a Danish angle? What are the main trends and issues to look out for? And what Danish parties and candidates are running in the Elections?
Lea Hovmand Jørgensen and Jacob Lolck, who are press officers at the European Parliament Office in Denmark, will give you the tools to follow and cover the European Elections.

Venue: International Press Centre (IPC), Skindergade 7, 1159 Copenhagen
Date: Tuesday 30 April 2019
Time: 15:00 

Please register with Peter Krause, IPC, E: [email protected]
For further information:
Please contact Peter Krause, IPC, E: [email protected]
M: +45 20 70 69 70