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Calendar - Upcoming Events in Denmark

Via the link below you can access the IPC’s calendar listing upcoming major events in Denmark.

LINK: Upcoming Events in Denmark (PDF-file)

The calendar is a planning tool primarily targeted at international media covering Denmark, but others are of course welcome to use it, too.

The calendar lists major events in politics, current affairs, business, seminars, culture and sport. The calendar is updated every second week.

We do our utmost to include all relevant events, but we can’t guarantee that the list is fully comprehensive at all times.

Feedback and proposals
If you have any feedback or would like to propose* an event for the calendar, please e-mail the IPC at [email protected]

*Please note that all events must be in compliance with the IPC’s main objective that is to promote a free and well-informed news coverage about Denmark and Danish affairs in foreign media.

The IPC also reserves the right to assess whether proposed listings are deemed to be of relevance to the international media in the IPC's network.

Working for international media and seeking more info on Denmark?
The IPC in Copenhagen also offers staff and freelancers working for international media access to a number of digital services.

For more information, please click here.