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Media Update - submarine court case in Copenhagen

Media information and guidelines for the submarine court case at the City Court of Copenhagen

Please find below a compilation of information ahead of the submarine case that will commenced in Copenhagen on 8 March 2018.

This update covers the following topics:

- General information
- Media seats in the so-called TV/listening room
- Media seats in the actual court room
- Information about EBU services for broadcasters
- Guidelines - Working as a journalist in Danish courtrooms – what you need to know
- Working space for international media at the IPC in Copenhagen

UPDATED PRESS RELEASE from the City Court published on 15 March 2018.
Ahead of the next scheduled hearing at court on Wednesday 21 March, the City Court has published a new press release (in Danish). The key message is that there will be a limit of 2 places per media in the so-called TV/listening room.

To access the press release please click here.

General information
The hearing of the case is scheduled to start in court every day at 9:30. For all background information and dates of the court hearing please refer to the previous press release from the City Court of Copenhagen.

The trial of the submarine case will commence on Thursday 8 March 2018 in courtroom 60 of the Copenhagen City Court (located at Nytorv 27, 1450 Copenhagen K).

According to the City Court there is a great deal of interest about the case from both the Danish and foreign media. On 1 March, 75 journalists from 12 different countries had registered to be present in the so-called TV/listening room.

To enquire about seats in the TV/listening room, please contact immediately Judge Jens Stausbøll, media spokesperson at the City Court of Copenhagen:
T: +45 20 24 21 76

Media seats in the co-called TV/listening room
To make sure that it is possible for media to give an account of the court hearings, a room has been set up for registered reporters, who can follow the proceedings in the courtroom through TV monitors and loudspeakers.

It is made very clear that video and audio recording is not allowed in the press room, nor in the courtroom.

Any non-compliance with this prohibition will lead to immediate expulsion from the court and may be reported to the police.

Journalists who have registered with the City Court press contact (please see above) to be present in the TV/listening room must go through a security check located in the main court building.

 Journalists are required to be present when the doors open at 8:30 in order to be ready when the court hearing begins at 9.30.  

In order to access the TV/listening room journalist must be able to prove that they work for Danish or international news media.

Media seats in the actual court room
The City Court has pre-allocated a total of 14 seats in the actual court room for Danish and Swedish media.

In addition to these 14 seats, a further 6 seats in the actual courtroom will be offered to Danish and International media. These will be allocated each day on a first-come-first-served basis.

The allocation will take place each day at 08:00 at the the entrance to Court Room 60 (at Nytorv 27) when the first 6 media representatives in the queue will be given confirmation that they can access the court room.

The confirmation can be handed to another representative of the media organization that has been granted a seat via the queueing system. Media for the actual court room are requested to be present for a security check 40 minutes before the start of the hearings.

Media organisations that already have a seat secured via the pre-allocation (Danish and Swedish media) can’t obtain another seat via the first-come-first-served allocation.

4 seats in the courtroom have been allocated to members of the public. Any additional vacant seats in the courtroom will be distributed according to the first-come-first served principle to those who stand first in front of the queues regardless whether they are journalists or members of the public.

Power outlets to computers/other devices will be provided in the courtroom and TV/listening room but extension cables must be brought personally.

Information about EBU services for broadcasters
The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) will offer various services in Copenhagen during the trial. For further information please see details on the EBU Broadcast Servcies website:

Guidelines - Working as a journalist in Danish courtrooms
Prior to the case submarine case, the The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) has provided the guidelines “Working as a journalist in Danish courtrooms – what you need to know”. Please access these here.

Working space for international reporters at the IPC in Copenhagen
The international Press Centre in Copenhagen (IPC) is located at Skindergade 7, 1159 Copenhagen K. It is just under 500 metres from the City Court.

International media are most welcome to contact the IPC if they would like to use our office space before, during and after the trial. Based on requests the IPC can remain open in the evening of Wednesday 7 March and in the evening of Thursday 8 March.

Please contact:
Peter Krause, Head of the IPC
M: +45 20 70 69 70